Simple Ways to Conduct a Visual Roof Inspection

Simple Ways to Conduct a Visual Roof Inspection

Your roof, like any component of your home, can wear down with time and exposure to the elements. To keep your home from being compromised, you’ll want to hire professionals to conduct a thorough roof inspection and take appropriate action as needed. 3JM Exteriors, Inc., shares a few simple ways for you to have a preliminary look at your roof and point the experts in the right direction.

Roof Inspection

Check Your Attic For Moisture Damage

Go to your attic and look for dark areas on its ceiling. You should also check for algae stains on interior plywood and mold growth in the area. Other factors that can affect your roof’s health are poor ventilation and soaked insulation. If you see any of these signs, then it’s likely that you have a deteriorating roof.

Check For Missing or Broken Shingles

From the safety of the ground, use binoculars to check if your roof has broken or missing shingles due to storm damage. A few missing or broken shingles can easily be replaced, but several may warrant a whole new roof. In any case, make sure to contact professionals like 3JM right away.

Examine Your Fireplace

If you see damp spots along your fireplace, then it’s possible that your roof is suffering from leaks. This may also be due to broken flashings or chimneys. The best way to determine the real issue is to let an expert roofer examine those areas.

Let 3JM Exteriors, Inc. conduct a professional roof inspection for your home’s safety. As GAF® Master Elite™ roofers, we have the necessary experience and training that will help us locate and identify various roofing issues. This will also allow us to provide you with a precise assessment of your roof’s health and recommend efficient roofing solutions such as a roof repair or replacement. We serve various IL areas, including Downers and Naperville. Call us today at (855) 766-3356 to schedule an appointment.