Solar Reflectance and Roof Color: Picking the Right One

Solar Reflectance and Roof Color: Picking the Right One

When you’re choosing a color for your roof, you might think that the only thing you need to consider is how well it blends with your home’s architectural style. In fact, however, you should also consider more in-depth things like the color’s Solar Reflectance Index in your choice of roof color.

Roof Color

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Solar Reflectance Index and Color

The Solar Reflectance Index of material, or SRI, is basically how well it reflects light and how likely they are to become hot when exposed to direct sunlight. When it comes to your roof, we suggest going for colors with high SRI. Your roof is the largest structure in your home and as a result, it absorbs more light.

As a general rule, you want to get lighter roof colors since they reflect light instead of absorbing it like darker colors. This doesn’t mean you should restrict yourself to bright colors though, you can still pick a neutral colored roof, just get a lighter shade. Neutral and earthy colors like brown are a good choice, too, since they have relatively high SRI.

SRI And Temperature

The roof isn’t the only thing you should be critical when it comes to the Solar Reflectance Index. You should also gauge the SRI of your replacement windows. Windows with high SRI are cooler since they retain less heat and reflect UV light better. We suggest looking at SRI rating of the glass since this is where most of the light enters.

Cool Roof Benefits

Picking the right color palette for your roof can actually extend its operating lifespan. Asphalt shingles can get easily worn down by intense sunlight, but if the color it’s boasting has a high SRI, it can withstand UV light exposure better. Additionally, roofs with high SRI translate to cooler living spaces, and that means you also require less energy to cool down your home.

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