Storm Damage ABCs for Every Homeowner

Storm Damage ABCs for Every Homeowner

Storms can cause terrible damage to your home when they come. Depending on the kind of storm and its intensity, they can damage or destroy your roof, your siding and pretty much everything on your home’s exterior. Thankfully, storm damage can be repaired with help from a trusty contractor.

Worried about your home getting devastated by a storm? In this post, general contractor 3JM Exteriors, Inc. discusses a shortlist of things to remember in the event of a storm. 

Assess the Damage After the Storm Has Passed

Assessments, which might require homeowners to climb ladders, should only be done after the storm has passed to ensure the homeowner’s safety. Make sure to wait until the weather passes before going out to check for damages. Find alternative ways to determine the existence of such problems: instead of climbing ladders to check for roof damage, use binoculars and look at your roof from the ground.

Begin Finding Ways to Deal With the Damage

You should try to find temporary fixes to the problems caused by the storm. For example, if you find damage on the roof, you should expect leaks to occur. Find a bucket or container that can be used to catch leaks. Don’t fix broken windows, though. Replacement windows should be installed by the pros.

Resist the urge to fix every problem yourself. Instead, take photos and videos of the damage caused by the storm before doing anything. This is very important for the next step below.

Call Your Trusted Contractor, Followed by Your Insurance Company

It’s always best to call the pros for help in dealing with storm damage. Do remember, however, to call your contractor first so they can inspect the damages and be able to help you negotiate with the insurance company.  The photos and videos that you took in step B will be very handy when talking with them.

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