Tackling the Effects of Different Types of Storm Damage

Tackling the Effects of Different Types of Storm Damage

A roof deteriorates over time due to extreme weather. When harsh weather damages your roof, it needs major roof repair. It’s important to address these issues immediately. But first, homeowners must identify what sort of damage they are dealing with.

Tackling the Effects of Different Types of Storm Damage

Wind Damage

This is the culprit behind your missing roof shingles. Even without rain or hail, the high winds of a storm can still damage your roof. Some signs of wind damage include nails detached from hinges, skewed or loose flashings, and curling or loose shingles.

Although major issues are uncommon with this particular storm damage, your roofer may suggest nailing and securing shingles as roof repair.

Hail Damage

Hail damage also affects siding and gutters. Hail storms are destructive enough to cause small to sizable dents on your home’s exterior. Roof shingles may shatter when hit by a hail storm.

When this occurs, homeowners have to replace their shingles with more durable ones and get the dents out with the help of their roofer.

Water Damage

Heavy rainfall causes leaks on your roof. It also clogs gutters and allows water to seep inside your home. This causes attic and ceiling damage, mold growth, slippery floors and higher utility bills due to bad insulation. When you spot signs of water damage, call your trusted contractors for roof repair.

The best defense against water damage is preparation. It’s better to be prepared and get your gutters ready to anticipate a high volume of water for an upcoming storm.

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