The Benefits of Metal Siding

The Benefits of Metal Siding

Are you looking for a good siding option for your home? Our exterior and roof inspection experts recommend metal siding. Made of aluminum, stainless steel, copper or other alloys, metal siding panels will give you a few benefits over other popular siding options.

Longer Lifespan

Metal siding panels are known for their durability and long life. A thin metal panel can resist impacts or abrasions that could easily damage a vinyl panel that is several times thicker. Furthermore, metal siding panels do not suffer from problems such as rot, cracking or curling; common problems for other siding materials. This durability makes metal panels have excellent life spans, especially with proper maintenance.

Better Customizability

One of the biggest problems with other roofing materials is their lack of versatility. Wood panels tend to look the same in terms of texture, while vinyl panels tend to have the same smooth or false wood finish. Since metal is malleable, storm damage experts say that metal panels are available in a wider variety of styles. To make things even better, metal can be painted easily so you can always change its color whenever you feel like it.

Better Energy Efficiency

Metal siding panels boast excellent energy efficiency thanks to their high thermal conductivity. Although they heat up under the summer sun quite fast, they also do a great job of shedding it off. Paired with proper insulation, metal siding panels can keep your home cool during the hottest months without sacrificing warmth during winter.

Low Maintenance

Roofers agree that metal roofs are relatively low-maintenance; the same thing goes for their siding counterparts. Keeping metal siding in good shape involves little more than washing it with water and checking for the occasional paint chip. Older siding panels have rusting issues, but that’s rarely – if ever – a problem these days because corrosion resistant and stainless alloys are now the most popular options.

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