Things You Need to Know About Hail Damage

Things You Need to Know About Hail Damage

Hail can cause devastating damage to your home’s exterior, especially on the roof. It must be addressed immediately before it turns into costly roof repair

In this post, your local roofing contractor, 3JM Exteriors, Inc., discusses things you may not know about hail damage. 

Detecting Hail Damage

Hail damage affects more than just the appearance of your roof. Within five years, what appear as tiny marks will become visible. Even the smallest of dents can lead to cracks where water can go beneath the shingles. When the moisture evaporates, the granules on the shingles can become loose and will crumble. This leaves the shingles more vulnerable to high winds. 

The severity of hail damage depends on the size, speed and direction of hail, as well as the age, material and slope of the roof. Compared to metal or wood shake, asphalt is more prone to severe hail damage. A certified inspector will measure the size of dents on the shingles, flashing or metal roof dents. They will determine whether you need a roof repair or replacement. 

Repair or Complete Replacement?

Noticeable dents, cracks and fissures are considered “severe damage” while “latent damage” refers to loss of granules of structural weakening. Shingles that are installed over existing shingles are more susceptible to severe damage. This goes the same to shingles that are poorly ventilated, brittle and low-quality. 

Severely damaged shingles must be repaired immediately. During replacement, shingles two rows above the damaged ones will have to be unsealed and resealed.  If more than 12% of your roof is damaged, over 50% of shingles must be worked with, which makes total roof replacement more practical. 

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