Understanding the Causes of a Blistered Roof

Understanding the Causes of a Blistered Roof

There are homeowners that notice blisters on their roofs and call for roof repair services to deal with them without actually understanding what caused the blisters to appear in the first place. Our team at 3JM Exteriors has come up with the following information to help give you a basic understanding of how roofs become blistered over time.

Understanding the Causes of a Blistered Roof

Moisture Retention

Blisters are usually indicative of trapped moisture within the layers of each shingle; this can occur during manufacturing. When shingles start deteriorating, they can also become susceptible to moisture absorption, particularly during the colder months. Moisture expands when exposed to heat and blisters form on the shingle surface as a result.

Inadequate Ventilation

We offer roof repair services at 3JM Exteriors for a variety of reasons. One such reason is to help remedy poor ventilation throughout a home. Ventilation does not just affect air quality indoors, however. It also plays a role in keeping your shingles in good condition, as they are more prone to damage when constantly exposed to extremely high temperatures.

Bad Installation

It is also possible that your shingles have developed blisters and are deteriorating prematurely because they weren’t installed properly. We understand the importance of proper application techniques at 3JM Exteriors, which is why we provide warranties on every job we take on. Never work with a company that won’t guarantee the materials they use and, more importantly, the work they do.

The best way to avoid or get rid of blisters on your roof is by working with an expert roof repair team like ours at 3JM Exteriors. We have over 50 years of experience in the construction industry to draw from so we can advise you and keep you worry-free about your home at all times. Call us at (630) 882-2422 to learn more. Inspections are free for residents in Barrington, Northbrook and Woodbridge, IL.