Unique Benefits of Tackling a Winter Window Replacement

Unique Benefits of Tackling a Winter Window Replacement

Winter isn’t the ideal time to replace your aging and inefficient windows, but it’s more than doable. While removing old and installing new units require extra caution when it’s cold, you can expect unique benefits in return.

Unique Benefits of Tackling a Winter Window Replacement

In this post, 3JM Exteriors shares the underappreciated advantages of tackling a window replacement when the weather isn’t most amenable:

Easy Scheduling

In the home improvement industry, winter is generally considered a slow season. Fewer homeowners are keen to do renovations during this time of the year, leaving more contractors available.

Capitalize on the low demand to hire the finest general contractor in town, and avoid the long wait. From processing the necessary building permit to setting up the installation, things usually move at a faster pace during winter.

Low Project Cost

Suppliers tend to offer discounts to help attract customers. When windows are far less than their normal prices, more products will be within your reach and you’ll get more value for your money.

Reduced Energy Loss

3JM Exteriors admits that the need for excellent thermal insulation is highest in the winter. On the contrary, you can naturally ventilate your space with your windows and regulate your indoor climate with fresh drafts during the hottest months.

To beat the chill, you have to fire up your heating equipment to stay warm inside the house. Upgrading to high-performance replacement windows can help maintain a consistent level of comfort while economizing energy.

Passive Solar Heating

Did you know that you could use windows to harness the sun’s infrared light to lend warmth to your rooms? When properly oriented, your new units can increase solar heat gain to keep your indoor temperatures comfortable. This strategy doesn’t render your HVAC system less useful, but it can make a difference.

3JM Exteriors knows what it takes to replace windows in the winter while keeping the outdoors at bay. Call us at (630) 882-2422 now to set up your appointment in Hinsdale, Schaumburg or Lake Forest, IL, and get your free estimate.