What Homeowners Should Do After a Hailstorm

What Homeowners Should Do After a Hailstorm

A hailstorm can be extremely problematic for your roof. Unfortunately, it’s an extreme weather phenomenon that can’t exactly be avoided, and, as such, it’s possible for your roof to be damaged by hail. Once that happens, you need to move fast so your roofing system isn’t further damaged.


Here are the things that you can do after a hailstorm:

Inspect the Property

Once it’s safe to venture outdoors, be sure to inspect your property. Take a good look at your siding, windows, and roofing system to see if they sustained any form of damage. For your roofing system, avoid climbing it and take a pair of binoculars instead to inspect it from ground level. Take photos as well so you’ll have before and after photos to show your insurance provider if you need to file an insurance claim.

Find a Reputable Contractor

For an in depth inspection of your roof, be sure to find a reputable roof inspection professional. By doing so, you can learn what is the extent of the damage and what exactly needs to be repaired in your roofing system.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

If your roof is damaged and you need to have it replaced, you can file an insurance claim. When you’re filing your insurance, be sure to have the records of your roof and the photos on hand and give them the estimate that your contractor provided you with. Your insurance adjuster will likely meet with your roofing contractor as well so prepare for that as well.

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