What to Do at the First Sign of Roof Leaks

What to Do at the First Sign of Roof Leaks

Finding a roof leak can sometimes be difficult because the actual spot where the leak occurs may not always be where water drips on your ceiling. Water usually enters the roof at one point, runs down another before pooling at the ceiling until it finds an escape path, like light fixtures. There are some quick fixes you can do before a proper roof repair can take place.

Roof Leaks

The first and most obvious step is to contain the leak to prevent further damage.

Containing the Leak

Place a bucket or some other container under the drip of suspected leak site. Consider putting a board inside the container so the water hits the board instead. This prevents the annoying and repetitive dripping sound. You can also choose to funnel and redirect the accumulated water outside. After several hours of pooling in the attic, a single leak might manifest itself as multiple leaks, making even the simplest roof repair worse and much more complicated that it really is.

Next, take any spare screwdriver you have and find the center of the water bulge. Make a hole at the center to spill the accumulated water to the bucket underneath. This new hole will minimize leak management to one or two sites and allow the water to drain smoothly and relieve pressure on the rest of your ceiling.

Inspection and Professional Help

Once you have managed the leak inside, perform an outdoor inspection. A visual survey of your roof can help you spot if any damage was sustained, like missing and damaged shingles. More extensive damage might necessitate a roof replacement instead. Do note, though, that the chimney, ventilation pipes, flashing, and gutters might likewise need inspection and repair.

With the problem contained, call a roofing contractor to conduct the necessary roof repair. An experienced and professional roofer like 3JM Exteriors, Inc. can help you save thousands of dollars in repair costs by spotting minor damage before it turns into major (often more expensive) problems.

The importance of prompt action when it comes to roof leaks cannot be overstated. Call us at (630) 882-2422 and schedule an appointment for a reliable roof inspection of your Barrington, Northbrook, and Woodridge, IL home.