What To Do Right After a Storm

What To Do Right After a Storm

What do you usually do when a storm damages your roof? Most people call the insurance company right away to file a claim. However, roofing experts believe that going to a roof repair company before getting in touch with your insurance company is a better option for a few reasons.

What To Do Right After a Storm

It Makes the Process Simpler

Filing an insurance claim can be a very confusing ordeal because you don’t know who to contact and in what order to do things. There are also deductibles and repairs to line up. It’s much better to have roofers who are already familiar with the process before you contact the insurance company in the first place.

It Helps You Get More Accurate Estimates

An insurance adjuster is supposed to head to your home and perform an accurate estimate of the damage and the costs associated with the repair. A roofer, however, is as qualified to assess roof damage, particularly if it’s one with tons of experience in roof repair. Asking the roofer for an opinion first protects you from being shortchanged by your insurance company when you file a claim.

It Helps You Avoid Violations

You may not intend to file for an inaccurate amount, but claiming an amount of money that’s way over the actual cost of roof repair might be misunderstood as deceiving the insurance company for profit. With help from a professional roofer, you can make a claim and prove that the money goes for storm damage repairs, a claim that can be backed by a legitimate company.

It Increases Your Chances of Getting Approved

One of the worst things that can happen after going through the process of filing a claim is to get turned down by your insurance company. With a more accurate estimate, a solid budget and the support of an actual roof repair expert, you have a much higher chance of getting your claim approved by your insurance company.

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