What to Look For in a Replacement Window

What to Look For in a Replacement Window

This fall season is arguably the best time to get replacement windows. The weather is perfect, and there’s just enough time to complete the project before winter arrives.

What to Look For in a Replacement Window

Before you start with your window replacement project, though, you should know what to look for in your new replacement window. 3JM Exteriors discusses these factors below.

Window and Frame Material

The frame of your new windows plays a role in ventilation and insulation, so you need to be particular of the material it’s made of. Wood is a great choice if insulation is what you’re after, although it does require more upkeep. As an alternative, we recommend vinyl. It has respectable insulating properties and surpasses wood in terms of durability, elemental resistance, and longevity.

Glass Options

You should also be particular about the glass in your new replacement windows. The glass, on top of being an aesthetic feature of the window, is responsible for protecting your home from harsh UV light. In some cases, a single-pane glass isn’t enough to reduce the amount of UV light entering your home. Let us install our line of Marvin replacement windows on your home to ensure energy efficiency throughout winter.

Your Window Installer

It’s tempting to replace your windows on your own, but they’re a critical home hardware that requires a professional’s touch. At 3JM Exteriors, we’re experienced at installing replacement windows. When we work with you for your project, we’ll install your window properly the first time around.

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