When You Might Need to Replace Your Siding

When You Might Need to Replace Your Siding

Whatever siding you choose for your home includes aesthetic, functional, and financial significance. Unlike a paint job, your home’s siding is something you’ll likely commit to for years. Unfortunately, not all things are meant to last forever, with your home’s siding being no exception. Most homeowners, in fact, don’t make it a priority to replace their siding unless there is an obvious hole or other urgent problems.

Replace Your Siding

It’s not good waiting until your siding is cracked, broken, or leaking before you call your trusted general contractor. By then, the damage might already be significant (not to mention costly). Here are some of the signs you need to replace your siding before any major damage occurs.

1.) High Utility Bills

Even if you have made improvements towards a more energy-efficient home, you still need to monitor your utility bill each month. Any sudden or inexplicable increase in your heating or cooling costs might be an indication that something is flawed with your exterior insulation.

2.) Rotting or Warped Siding

Warped siding indicates a problem on the surface of the siding material, which sometimes leads to more structural problems affecting your entire home.Using a screwdriver, try poking under the siding cover in areas where warping is most pronounced. Feel how solid the under layer is. If it doesn’t feel sturdy enough, it is a sure sign that a siding repair is in order.

3.) Severe Fading

Most siding materials are engineered to hold their color for as long as the siding can be viably used. Faded colors thus tell homeowners about the waterproofing properties of the installed material. Although fading may not always signal the siding is out of commission, it still is a warning sign to look out for.

4.) Bubbles in the Siding

Bubbles under the surface of your siding may mean water was (or still is) trapped underneath. This is an obvious red flag as a siding’s main purpose is to keep moisture away from the walls of your property.

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