Why a Total Tear-Off Matters Before Roof Replacement

Why a Total Tear-Off Matters Before Roof Replacement

A roof replacement can be caused by many things, like storm damage or faulty ventilation. Replacing your entire roof requires a lot of time and effort. But they could be wasted if the project isn’t done right in the first place.

Homeowners get to decide if they want their old roof completely removed or have the shingles overlaid on the existing roof instead. But experts recommend the former. Here are the main reasons why homeowners should tear off their old roofing system before getting a new one:

The Underlying Problem

Your roof may look perfectly fine on the surface, but your entire roofing system is compromised if the problem is underneath. A roof has many components aside from the visible shingles for weather defense. It has parts with different functions. One malfunctioning part disrupts the entire roofing system.

A proper roof inspection could detect these problems easily. But that doesn’t mean they’ll go away. A deteriorated roof won’t function like before. You need a new one.

The Need for Brand New

A full replacement means everything is brand new. New flashing can be installed to ensure a watertight seal for your home. It also makes the shingles last longer because a brand new roof traps heat less than an overlay shingle repair.

Worth Every Penny

Everything brand new also means you’ll be spending more. A tear-off needs a higher budget, but it comes alongside the great benefits of having a new roof. Roofers also need to secure permits from your local city hall to get it done without interruptions, as the roof replacement could last for days. Homeowners would also need to get their roof replacement done during summer to avoid poor weather while the house is under construction. Despite all that, homeowners would get a new quality roof that won’t need frequent repairs for a long time.

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