Why Leaks Require Immediate Roof Repair

Why Leaks Require Immediate Roof Repair

Leaks are your most basic roofing problem, and for many homeowners, they tend to be a forgettable problem. Leaks, however, are one roofing problem you should immediately repair, as they start out harmless but can become a real roof risk in a matter of days.

 Why Leaks Require Immediate Roof Repair

3JM Exteriors discusses why leaks require immediate roof repair.

Leaks and Structural Deterioration

Leaks can worsen in days or weeks and can cause substantial structural deterioration on your roof and the rest of the structure. Continuous exposure to water not only exposes the wood part of your roof, it can also weaken the framing itself.

Most roofing problems can actually trace their origins from a roof leak. They can, for example, cause ventilation and insulation problems for the rest of your property, often forcing you to spend more money on your energy bills. This is just one reason leaks require immediate roof repair.

Leaks Cause Health Problems

Leaks tend to create damp environments where they appear, and these conditions promote the development and growth of mold. This, in turn, creates unhealthy living conditions that can be detrimental to the health of family members with allergies. Damp room conditions also tend to be stuffy, which decreases overall home comfort.

Immediate Roof Repair

We strongly suggest doing immediate roof repair on your roof if you spot leaks during an inspection. Addressing a leak is easier to do when it’s still small and hasn’t caused substantial damage yet.

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