Why Replacing Windows and Siding Simultaneously Makes Sense

Why Replacing Windows and Siding Simultaneously Makes Sense

Replacing your siding is one of the most effective ways to update and improve your home’s look. When planning a replacement, however, it makes sense to consider your windows, too. After all, you want to ensure that all your exterior elements work together to create a harmonious look. 3JM Exteriors, the area’s premier general contractor, discusses why this move is beneficial:

Why Replacing Windows and Siding Simultaneously Makes Sense

How Windows Affect Siding

During a replacement, a moisture barrier is usually added beneath the window frame to improve its resistance to water damage. This barrier can extend below the siding, so if you replace your siding before your windows, we’ll have to cut your new exterior to put the barrier in place. Redoing the damaged area of your siding adds to expenses and can make it look butchered.

The removal of your old siding can also damage your windows’ capping, so you’ll have to recap them. This means if you replace your siding first and wait to replace your windows, you will be paying extra to have your windows recapped twice. Whereas if you schedule a siding and window replacement at the same time, we can cap your windows as soon as we replace them.

How This Benefits You

Having your windows and siding replaced at the same time can do wonders for your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Faulty windows can allow air to escape through the joints and frames and let the elements enter your home. Which is why, even if your siding is performing exceptionally, your home’s energy bills can still rise. Fortunately, our vinyl replacement windows can improve your home’s energy efficiency. That, along with a quality siding replacement, can reduce your energy costs.

A siding replacement greatly improves your home’s insulation. At 3JM Exteriors, we offer a variety of siding materials like vinyl and fiber cement to suit different home styles and needs. We also offer emergency siding repair services to help keep your home’s beauty and efficiency intact.

While handling two projects at the same time can seem intimidating, working with the right contractor can help make the entire process smoother and more efficient. You can count on 3JM Exteriors to provide you with quality remodeling services. We serve Naperville and nearby IL communities. Call us today at (630) 882-2422 to request a free estimate.