Why You Should Have Your Windows Replaced This Spring

Why You Should Have Your Windows Replaced This Spring

Many homeowners insist that summer is the best season for home improvements. But for projects like window replacement, there is no better time to have it done than the spring season. As a leading general contractor in Illinois, let 3JM Exteriors, Inc. share with you the reasons why:

Why You Should Have Your Windows Replaced This Spring

Minimal Energy Loss

Your old windows will have to be removed during the window replacement process, which leaves your interior spaces exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. While modern installation processes allow window replacement during virtually any season, it will result in an increase in your indoor heating requirements – and therefore your energy consumption – if done during winter. A similar effect happens in summer when an increase in heat can raise your indoor cooling requirements.

Springtime has the right outdoor temperatures that aren’t too hot or too cold, so even if your indoor spaces are exposed to outdoor temperatures as window replacement is being conducted, the unnecessary indoor heating and heating expenses will be minimal. And thanks to our installation procedures that further reduce installation time, such exposure can even be regarded as negligible.

Optimal Temperature for Curing Caulk and Insulation

Once the replacement windows are properly positioned and installed into place using screws, there will be a gap between the frames and the window opening. These gaps are filled with an expanding insulating foam and caulk before a decorative trim is installed to cover this transition. The spring season has the perfect range of temperatures that allow caulk and insulation to cure properly, which helps ensure reliable long-term performance and energy efficiency.

Contractors Are Less Busy

We began this discussion by stating that many homeowners prefer to have home improvements done in the summer, mainly because the weather is, more often than not, clear. Also, kids are usually on summer vacation, making it easier to send them to camp or to relatives if the house ever needs to be vacated. Since neither factor affects window installation, and because contractors have far less installation appointments during spring, chances are you can pick whatever schedule you want.

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