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Check Your Windows

Most people don’t think about replacing windows unless they are broken or leaking, but more often than not, the windows of your home are the greatest contributors to your energy inefficiency. Older windows were not made to be energy efficient and lead to large amounts of energy escaping and entering your home. If your home is cold or hot and you find yourself adjusting the thermostat frequently, it may be time for window replacements.

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When Your Windows Need Replacing in Illinois

Some key considerations when wondering if your windows need replacement include:

Being nearly impossible to open and close

Noticeable temperature changes

Condensation between glass panes

Your home was built before the late 1970s

If any of the above considerations apply to you, then it’s time to talk to 3JM Exteriors Inc. about replacing your windows. We will work with your budget to find quality Energy Star-rated replacement windows that will reduce your energy consumption while also increasing your home’s curb appeal. Our windows also come with a lifetime guarantee, which means you won’t be replacing them again. Contact us today to learn more about our window and roofing services.

Our Replacement Process

When it’s time to repair or replace your roofing, windows, or siding, the team at 3JM knows how to get the job done right each and every time! We follow a five-step process to guide our customers through their projects.

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Discuss Your Needs

At 3JM, we want to know if there are any issues that need to be addressed or if you are replacing your roof, windows, or siding due to age. What is your vision for the end of the project in relation to the look and functionality of your home?

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Initial Inspection

3JM will have one of our trained project managers thoroughly inspect your home to ensure there are no underlying issues with the work needed. Our project manager will create a detailed recommendation with documented photos. After our inspection, we will review our report and pictures with you!

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Create A Custom Plan

At 3JM, our window replacement contractors will work with you to create a detailed plan regarding the scope of the project, window material selection, and scheduling. Our window experts will ensure that you are well-informed each step of the way.

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Start Your Project

Once the scope of the work is decided and the materials have been picked out, we enter the planning and production phase. Our production team will work with you as we schedule materials delivery and pick the installation date that works best for you. Once we have that all set, our team of expert craftsmen will begin work on your project.

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Inspect Our Work

After we are done with our work, we will schedule a final walkthrough with one of our project managers. During this meeting, we will go over everything that we did, answer any questions you might have, and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your home improvement project.

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Peace Of Mind

After 3JM has finished your project, you can rest assured that your project was completed using the best materials and workmanship in the industry. 3JM has a proven track record of standing behind our work. If there is a concern, we will be there to respond quickly and make sure you are covered. That is our customer guarantee!

Brands We Trust

The two most popular window brands we install at 3JM Exteriors Inc. are Alside and Marvin.

Alside vinyl replacement windows are durable and come in a variety of styles, such as double-hung, sliding, bay, casement, and more. They truly enhance the style of any home.

Marvin Windows are unrivaled in the industry in regards to performance. These windows offer a high level of craftsmanship that undoubtedly improves your home’s energy efficiency. Marvin windows are also a favorite for curb appeal, adding another layer of beauty to your home’s exterior.

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Lower Your Energy Costs With New Windows

If you are struggling with your home’s energy consumption, consider the amount of heating and cooling that are lost through your windows each season. While your windows are visibly leaking water into your home, they very well may be leaking air out of them. It is important to have them inspected to see if they are the culprit of the high energy demands in your home. New windows can lower your energy costs immediately after installation!

Contact 3JM to Inspect Your Windows

Contact 3JM Exteriors Inc. today and let us know that you want to check on your home’s energy efficiency!

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