Storm Damage

What is Storm Damage?

damaged roofingRoofing: Hail and Wind can easily cause enough damage to warrant replacing your existing roof. When Hail strikes  a roof system, the impact will cause the shingle matting to break and or bruise (soft spot) exposing the matting that granules are adhered to. Shingle matting was not designed to be exposed to sunlight or weather. Once the matting is exposed it is only a matter of time before the roof system will leak and not perform correctly. Roof vents and flashing also sustain damage when struck by hail, these components are very important in keeping the roof system as a whole performing correctly. Wind typically will blow shingles completely off the roof decking or crease and tear shingles beyond repair leaving the easy access to water penetration.

siding replacementSiding: When hail strikes Vinyl siding it will crack and or break holes in the siding. These holes and breaks allow excessive water into the interior of the siding system causing multiple problems. Aluminium siding sustains damage a little differently than Vinyl siding, when hail strikes Aluminium siding it will crease or dent the siding. Wind damages siding by blowing pieces or whole elevations off of the home. Fascia is another component that is easily blown off.

Guttering: Gutters like aluminium siding will crease and dent, sometimes knocking gutters loose.

Why is it important to repair Storm Damage?


Roofing, siding and gutters will not perform as the manufacturer intended and cosmetically will not look as great as it should. Leaks will form and cause major damage to the interior and structure to the property including framing, drywall, insulation and personal property inside the property.

Warranties protecting your house/property

All warranties associated with your roofing, siding and gutters are null and void after sustaining hail damage. If you have major problems years down the road the manufacturers will deny any responsibility due to the storm damage to their products.


If damaged by a storm you will not be able to pass inspection when refinancing or selling your property. If not fixed you will have to pay out of pocket to repair the damaged components if you wait too long after the storm.

Value of the home has been decreased

If your property is sold in damaged condition you will not be able to maximize the value you could get. If sold after repairing the damaged roofing, siding gutters your will have added a great value to the next owner of the property. Home buyers will pay more to have piece of mind that the roofing, siding and gutters are in new condition and wont be an added expense in the near future.

What impact will filing a claim have against my insurance policy?

Storm claims are looked at differently than individual claims. A storm is an “act of god”, there is nothing the property owner could have done to stop the damage from happening therefore the claim will not count against you like other claims. Major point to consider, when a storm causes damage to highly populated areas the insurance companies recoup their losses by raising everyone’s rates not just the property owners that file a claim. It is in your best interest to file a claim if you have sustained damage because your rates are going up regardless.

Why is it important to have 3JM assist with your insurance claim?

3JM Exteriors specializes in insurance restoration. We have a highly trained team that goes through extensive training to be the best. We have former insurance adjusters on staff. We have successfully negotiated thousands of claims for property owners over the years. Our inspection process and insurance claim assistance process is second to none. We will make sure you are taken care of correctly by your insurance carrier and install the best material on the market. You can rest assured that 3JM will not stop until your claim has been finalized and you are happy!